Sep 172015

The River Suir at Cahir Castle

Cahir Castle, the River Suir, Ducks, Swans, Geese, kids and beautiful sunshine – What more could you ask for? Just a few photos and some video from Cahir in September on a lovely sunny morning.

Geese on River Suir
Cahir Railway Bridge
Swan on River Suir
Cahir Protestant Church
Geese on the Weir in Cahir

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
Jun 062013

Rhododendron Blooms at the Vee

As the name of the post suggests, this post is about the Rhododendron Blooms at the Vee. Blooming times this year (2013) around Loughglenbridge a

nd Baylough have been considerably delayed due to very cold weather in Spring and early summer.

The blooms are now, as of Wednesday June 5th, starting to show. The weather for the past few days has been absolutely gorgeous, which has meant an explosion of colour all along the Knockmealdown Mountains. The forecast for the coming weekend is quite good, so it may be a good time to see them. If the weather remains fine, however, the weekend of June 15th/16th may be the best time to view them. It is weather dependent though, if we get a lot of cold and rain next week this weekend may turn out to be the best viewing time.

Here are just a few photos of how the area currently looks, keep an eye on our Facebook Page for further updates. If you’re looking for a walk to take in an array of blooming Rhododendron plants then we can highly recommend this one which takes in both Baylough and Loughglenbridge via an alternative to the traditional loop walk.






Rhododendron Blooms at the Vee

Mar 212013

Fr. Sheehy’s Players on South Tipperary U15 Football Team

South Tipp U15 Footballers

Fr. Sheehy’s players James Conway, Colin English and Ben Hyland who played for the South Tipperary under 15 football team which defeated Mid Tipp (2-9 to 0-3) and West Tipp (4-8 to 3-8) to win the inter divisional u15 tournament at Cappawhite on the 16th of March.

Dec 162012

Shanrahan History Book Launch

Shanrahan History Book Launch Photos & Video

Local historian Ed O’Riordan launched his latest book ‘Lonely Little God’s Acre – A History of Shanrahan Churchyard‘ at the Hermitage Bar & Restaurant on Friday evening, December 14th, 2012. Here are some photos and video from the evening’s proceedings. Pictures are first with video at the bottom of the post.

In Attendance:

YouTube Preview Image

Musical Interlude:

YouTube Preview Image

Rose Cleary Introduction:

YouTube Preview Image

Ed’s CV:

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Ed Gives his Spiff:

YouTube Preview Image

And a bit more (sorry, camera memory ran out):

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Aug 092012

Fr. Sheehy’s u12 Football team – South & County Premier Games Finalists 2012

Fr. Sheehy's U12 Football Team 2012

Back row L to R; Eoin Watson, Patrick Griffin, David Murphy, Dylan O’ Brien, Dylan Flynn, Jane Hyland, Conor Walsh, Robert Maher.

 Front row L to R; Kyle Morrissey, Cormac Flynn, Shane O’ Gorman, Cieran Connolly, Gavin English.

Aug 092012

Fr. Sheehy’s – South & County U14c Football Champions 2012

Fr. Sheehys U14 Football Champions 2012

Back row L to R; Seamus English (manager), Shane Connolly, Aaron Enright, Dion Morrissey, Ben Hyland, James Conway, Dylan Murphy, Jack Murphy, Nathan O’ Brien. David Hyland and Tommy Murphy (selectors). Front row L to R; David Hyland, Robert Maher, Richard Maher, Gavin English, Colin English (captain), Dylan Flynn, Conor Walsh, Patrick Griffin, Dylan O’ Brien.

Jul 012012

Shanrahan June FloodClogheen Flooding June 2012

Ireland hasn’t been blessed with much fine weather in summer 2012. In fact June has been the wettest on record for many decades. Tipperary didn’t receive the worst of the deluge, Cork and Antrim were much worse hit, but there was still a lot of rain on the night of Wednesday June 27th and morning of June 28th.

Hence these photos of the Tar and Duag rivers around the town. Although you’ll see the rivers far more swollen than this in the winter time, it is very unusual to see the river this high in late June.

  • Heathfield Bridge Flood
  • Hermitage Flood
  • Shanrahan Bridge Flood
  • Shanrahan June Flood
  • Swans Shanrahan Flood
  • Shanrahan June Flood
Jun 102012

Rhododendron Blooms at Bay LoughVee Rhododendrons June 9th 2012

There comes at least one day each year when the Rhododendron plants around Baylough and Loughglenbridge look their very best. It was a long time coming this year but that day (morning really in fact) did arrive. This was not a classic year for blooms unfortunately, as the cold weather at the start of May delayed them and then a remarkably wet end of May and beginning of June has meant that a lot of the blooms have been knocked off the plants earlier than would normally occur.

As you can see from the photos below, however, the place was still a sight to behold on Saturday last, June 9th. Bay Lough will still have a good show for a week or so but Loughglenbridge has reached peak bloom and will be on the wane from here onwards so if you want to see the area in full bloom you’d better do it sooner rather than later.