Jun 142013

Fr. Sheehy’s Football Team 1970’s

Thanks to George Lambert who took this photo and Lios Mhuire Clogheen for naming all the players. Click on the photo for a slightly larger version.

Fr. Sheehy's 1970's Football Team

Back row left to right – Seamus Maher, Paddy Hickey, Liam Wall, Dan McMenamin, Paudie Daly, Mick Norris, Benny Conway, Seamus Conway, Billy McCarthy, Frank O’Brien.
Centre Row – Thomas Quirke, Tom Keating, Jimmy Conran, Mick Pyne, Michéal O’Connor, John Fleming, Frank Halley, Patsy McGrath, Paudie Blythe, Edmund English.
Seated in front – Billy Quirke, Peter Burke, Fr. Kelleher.

Thomas Quirke says he thinks the photo was taken before the South Final played in Cahir Park in 1978 which Fr. Sheehy’s lost.

Jun 142013

Fr. Sheehy’s Ballylooby 1980 South Minor Football Champions

South Tipperary Minor Football Champions 1980

nor-Champions.jpg 720w, http://www.clogheen.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Fr.-Sheehys-Ballylooby-1980-South-Minor-Champions-300x209.jpg 300w, http://www.clogheen.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Fr.-Sheehys-Ballylooby-1980-South-Minor-Champions-148x103.jpg 148w, http://www.clogheen.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Fr.-Sheehys-Ballylooby-1980-South-Minor-Champions-31x21.jpg 31w, http://www.clogheen.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Fr.-Sheehys-Ballylooby-1980-South-Minor-Champions-38x26.jpg 38w, http://www.clogheen.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Fr.-Sheehys-Ballylooby-1980-South-Minor-Champions-308x215.jpg 308w, http://www.clogheen.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Fr.-Sheehys-Ballylooby-1980-South-Minor-Champions-500x348.jpg 500w" sizes="(max-width: 720px) 100vw, 720px" />

Thanks to the Ballylooby Castlegrace Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ballyloobycastlegrace.gaa – for this blast from the past.

May 012013

British King and Queen in Clogheen

Many thanks to Alan O’Brien for sending this on to the site. It is a scan of a newspaper report on Wednesday May 4th 1904 on the British King and Queen’s visit to Clogheen that year. They were travelling between Lismore and Shanbally Castle. The article describes the scenery in the Knockmealdowns as ‘perhaps the most beautiful in Ireland’ and references the Pole-Carew family who lived in the area until relatively recently.

British King and Queen visit Clogheen

Nov 122012

Vee Rovers Shield Winners – 1980’s

Many thanks to Lios Mhuire Clogheen for this photo. I’m not sure of the date, but would guess it’s early to mid-eighties. During this period Vee Rovers won every division in the Tipperary South and District League (TSDL) on their march from Divison 4 to Division 1, and a few shields as well. This would appear to be one of the Shield winning photos. Any further info on the exact year greatly appreciated.

Vee Rovers Shield Winners

Back Row: Tom Quirke, Jim Haide, John Sweeney, Billy Quirke, Patsy McGrath, Pa Maher, Seamus Murphy, Billy McCarthy, Pat Flynn.

Front Row: Niall O’Brien, Seamus Flynn, Paddy Murphy, Francis Conran, Benny Conway, Dick O’Donnell.

May 232012

Patsy McGrath Gives Vee Rovers Team Talk in 1995Vee Rovers Team Talk 1995

Many thanks to George Lambert for sharing this photo (and others on the site) with us. Click on the photo for a larger version.

Taken at a Vee Rovers match in  1995 those in the photo are, from left: Patsy McGrath (blue & yellow striped shirt); owner of buttocks unknown (but someone may be able to enlighten us); Tom Macken (no. 3 – someone suggests this may be Seamus Murphy); Paddy Murphy (head in front of Tom Macken); ‘Keeper, Francis (Todd) Conran (yellow sleeve); local butcher Ger Flynn with head hung (Flynn referred to in caption – although someone suggests that it is Tom Macken); Billy Macken (counting cattle) – although these are open to correction (see comments).


Feb 062012

Clogheen Anti-Health Cut Marches in 1980’s

Just to show that health-cuts are nothing new in Ireland nor is a great feeling of disenchantment with the leadership been shown on all sides of the political divide.

Photos of anti-health cut marches in the 1980’s courtesy of George Lambert.

Jul 252011
Clogheen Tug-o-War 1981

Clogheen Tug-o-War 1981

Clogheen Tug-o-War Picture – 1981

Many thanks to George Lambert for this nice photo of one of the teams in the Clogheen festival Tug-o-War teams in 1981.

On the team from the front is Tommy Beary, Tommy Noonan, Patsy Myers, Pat O’Sullivan. I’m not certain who the back two are, but I think the second last member is Jimmy O’Sullivan.

Tom Costello is the referee.

Somebody with more knowledge of who’s in the photo may be able to enlighten us on the last two members of the team and their motivational guru who’s back is only visible to us.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Jul 062011

Lower Main Street Clogheen in 1968

Clogheen in 1968

Clogheen from Lower Main Street, 1968

This photo, taken from Lower Main Street looking up toward Main Street, was taken in 1968. It is reproduced with the kind permission of  the Berry family.

You can see Clogheen’s old Post Office at the left side of the picture. It has now moved to the other end of the village.