Jul 012012

Shanrahan June FloodClogheen Flooding June 2012

Ireland hasn’t been blessed with much fine weather in summer 2012. In fact June has been the wettest on record for many decades. Tipperary didn’t receive the worst of the deluge, Cork and Antrim were much worse hit, but there was still a lot of rain on the night of Wednesday June 27th and morning of June 28th.

Hence these photos of the Tar and Duag rivers around the town. Although you’ll see the rivers far more swollen than this in the winter time, it is very unusual to see the river this high in late June.

  • Heathfield Bridge Flood
  • Hermitage Flood
  • Shanrahan Bridge Flood
  • Shanrahan June Flood
  • Swans Shanrahan Flood
  • Shanrahan June Flood

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