Jul 252011
Clogheen Tug-o-War 1981

Clogheen Tug-o-War 1981

Clogheen Tug-o-War Picture – 1981

Many thanks to George Lambert for this nice photo of one of the teams in the Clogheen festival Tug-o-War teams in 1981.

On the team from the front is Tommy Beary, Tommy Noonan, Patsy Myers, Pat O’Sullivan. I’m not certain who the back two are, but I think the second last member is Jimmy O’Sullivan.

Tom Costello is the referee.

Somebody with more knowledge of who’s in the photo may be able to enlighten us on the last two members of the team and their motivational guru who’s back is only visible to us.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

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  1. You are right… Jimmy Sullivan and I think the last person is Sean Tierney!

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