Mar 152019

Day 4 – Cheltenham ‘Pick the Winners’ – Final Results

The results for the end of Day 4 of 2019’s Pick the Winners competition running through the Cheltenham Festival are as follows:

Daily Winner for Day 4: Dessie Harrington on 180 Points

Overall Competition Winner at the end of Day 4 is Myles McHugh on 860 points. In second place is Patrice Ryan on 720 points and in third is Dave Ryan on 700 points.

Thank you so much to all 162 entrants who participated (many of which were groups, so there were over 200 involved all told)  and made this such a successful event. All proceeds raised go to Clogheen National School and the Playground.  We hope to see you all again next year.

You can download the final results in PDF format below:




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