Apr 042012

Knockmealdown Mountain Walks

The Knockmealdown Mountains running along the border between Tipperary and Waterford and on to North Cork, provide some of the most spectacular walking trails in the country. While some are well known and waymarked (Tipperary Heritage Way, East Munster Way, St. Declan’s Way¬†for instance), quite a few others are not. This is a shame because there are some spectacular walks in the area running between Ballyporeen and Newcastle.

On this site you’ll find quite a few of them mapped if you look at our Walks section, but if you look around the web you’ll find many others that aren’t mapped here. You could stay walking for weeks in the Knockmealdowns and still not even come close to covering all the available trails.

If you are looking for some activity on the Waterford side of the range then you should pay a visit to our friends at Waterford’s Mountains.

Happy walking.

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