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Liam Lynch MonumentLiam Lynch Monument, Goatenbridge

This memorial to General Liam Lynch (Liam ui Loinsigh) of the anti-treaty forces, was erected in the Knockmealdown Mountains outside Goatenbridge in 1935 in the form of a round tower. It was designed by Denis Doyle of Clonmel, based on a typical Irish round tower, frequently associated with ancient Celtic monastic settlements.

The imposing 50ft tall tower is surrounded by four bronze wolfhounds, cast by Albert Power, set on limestone slabs at each of the four cardinal directions. A square carved limestone plaque was inserted in 1973. The monument also contains a stone lectern and is accessed via two humpback bridges with sandstone parapet walls.Liam Lynch Anniversary Plaque

Lynch was commander of the First Southern Division of the anti-treaty forces. On April 9th 1923, Lynch and six comrades were corralled by two columns of free state fighters coming across the Knockmealdown Mountains. They began a retreat and had to traverse an open expanse of mountain exposing themselves to extensive gunfire.

Liam Lynch Monument WolfhoundsLynch was hit and instructed his comerades to proceed without him in order to protect the documents they were carrying. When the free state fighters reached him they called for an ambulance which took him to Clonmel where he died at 8.45pm.

Getting There:

While relatively well known in the area, the monument is terribly poorly signposted so finding it can be somewhat of a challenge. Hence we’ve put a map below and given Loc8 codes for it so you can drive there. Just be aware that there is a forestry entrance 3.5Km from the monument, if it is closed you’ll have a fairly stiff uphill walk on forest track.

You can walk to the monument from Goatenbridge village if you wish (10.6km round trip). Alternatively you can drive to the forestry entrance and walk from there (7Km round trip) or you can drive all the way to the monument if the forestry road is open.

Liam Lynch Monument

The monument is accessed via a right turn in the village of Goatenbridge, on the Newcastle road from Clogheen (first left turn outside Clogheen village on the Cappoquin/Lismore road). Once on this road keep going until you reach a T in the road with a sign for the Knockballiniry Loop Walk and a forestry entrance to the left. Take the forestry road to the left and follow the map below or download the Loc8 code (YWQ-55-XN9) for your SatNav. You can also download it here from ViewRanger, which will allow you to walk or drive to it using your smart phone as a SatNav.

The road quality isn’t wonderful as it is forestry track, but most cars will be able to handle it if driven slowly.

Liam Lynch Monument Walk Map

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