Mar 292012

Mount Anglesby to Bay Lough Walk

Mount Anglesby to Bay Lough Walk – Tipperary Walks

This is a lovely 8.63 km route which is, essentially, done in reverse to the Kilballyboy Wood to Bay Lough route you’ll find here. This is an easier route if you don’t fancy the climb on the other route.

There are a few differences. This one starts at Mount Anglesby, a little further down the road from Kilballyboy Wood, where the other route starts. It also continues out the track at the back of the highest viewing point at Bay Lough, bringing you along the ridge to some incredible views of the valley (see video at the bottom of this post). You need fine weather for these views – best taken in with evening sun, which is a bit of a pity as the best views of Bay Lough in sunshine are in the earlier part of the day, particularly when the sun is low in the sky.

Having visited Bay Lough this route takes you down to Loughglenbridge, across the bridge, down the opposite side of the glen, crossing back on a wooden bridge into Kilballyboy Wood. It differs slightly from the other route here as well as the route back to Kilballyboy Wood is shorter and more direct. From the glen you cross the main road, through a very small portion of forest back to the track for Mount Anglesby.

The two routes can be mixed and matched to lengthen or shorten the route and get the walk that suits you best.

This route takes about 2 hours, depending on your fitness levels. If you are not very fit this route is easier than the Kilballyboy route which involves a decent climb at Loughglenbridge. It is, however, best done in fine weather as several parts of the route are difficult in wet conditions, particularly the ridge at the back of Bay Lough.

You can find the walk on ViewRanger here, where you can download it for free to a smartphone to guide you along the route.

Here is a very brief video clip of the views at the highest point of this track:

YouTube Preview Image

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