May 232012

Patsy McGrath Gives Vee Rovers Team Talk in 1995Vee Rovers Team Talk 1995

Many thanks to George Lambert for sharing this photo (and others on the site) with us. Click on the photo for a larger version.

Taken at a Vee Rovers match in ¬†1995 those in the photo are, from left:¬†Patsy McGrath (blue & yellow striped shirt); owner of buttocks unknown (but someone may be able to enlighten us); Tom Macken (no. 3 – someone suggests this may be Seamus Murphy); Paddy Murphy (head in front of Tom Macken); ‘Keeper, Francis (Todd) Conran (yellow sleeve); local butcher Ger Flynn with head hung (Flynn referred to in caption – although someone suggests that it is Tom Macken); Billy Macken (counting cattle) – although these are open to correction (see comments).


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