Jun 062013

Rhododendron Blooms at the Vee

As the name of the post suggests, this post is about the Rhododendron Blooms at the Vee. Blooming times this year (2013) around Loughglenbridge and Baylough have been considerably delayed due to very cold weather in Spring and early summer.

The blooms are now, as of Wednesday June 5th, starting to show. The weather for the past few days has been absolutely gorgeous, which has meant an explosion of colour all along the Knockmealdown Mountains. The forecast for the coming weekend is quite good, so it may be a good time to see them. If the weather remains fine, however, the weekend of June 15th/16th may be the best time to view them. It is weather dependent though, if we get a lot of cold and rain next week this weekend may turn out to be the best viewing time.

Here are just a few photos of how the area currently looks, keep an eye on our Facebook Page for further updates. If you’re looking for a walk to take in an array of blooming Rhododendron plants then we can highly recommend this one which takes in both Baylough and Loughglenbridge via an alternative to the traditional loop walk.






Rhododendron Blooms at the Vee

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