May 292012

Rhododendron at Bay LoughRhododendron Watch – May 29th 2012

As pointed out in a previous post the Rhododendron plants have been remarkably slow to bloom at The Vee, Bay Lough and Loughglenbridge this year, due to early May being quite cold.

The good news is that the weather has now improved considerably and blooms are well on their way. Even in the few days since our last post there are appreciably more blooms on show, although Bay Lough is still probably a week or more from full bloom. Because the area around Loughglenbridge is a lot less exposed than around the lake at Bay Lough, full bloom is inclined to be a bit earlier. Full bloom at Loughglenbridge will probably be fairly close on the upcoming Bank Holiday Weekend (June 2nd to 4th) whereas at Bay Lough you are probably looking at a further week to 10 days before the true full on beauty of a full bloom around the lake will be evident.

In any case, there are plenty of blooms for pictures at the moment so if you visit any time in the next couple of weeks you’ll have plenty of camera fodder. See some of today’s photos below:




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