Jun 042012

Blooms on WaterRhododendrons at the Vee – June 4th 2012

The June Bank Holiday Weekend just passed should be the busiest time of the year at Loughglenbridge, The Vee and Bay Lough, but the weather on Friday to Sunday was truly awful. It rained buckets for most of the weekend, so most visitors were deterred from their visit to the home of the Rhododendron.

Things picked up a bit today, Monday, but the area was very overcast all day so, although the Rhododendron plants at Loughglenbridge are as close to full bloom as makes no difference, it wasn’t the ideal day for viewing or photographing them. That said, as you’ll see from the photos below, there were still plenty of people around taking in the sight that is a valley full of blooming Rhododendrons.

Bay Lough, as always a bit slower than the Loughglenbridge area below it, is still about a week from full bloom so hopefully the weather during the week will be more conducive to viewing them.

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