Araglin Animal Sanctuary


Araglin Animal Sanctuary WolfAraglin Animal Sanctuary

The great success of Parson’s Green Pet Farm in Clogheen shows that there is a lot of interest in animals, particularly unique ones, throughout Ireland. Now Clogheen’s visitors and residents have a further attraction, just over the Knockmealdown Mountains, in Araglin.

Those of you interested in exotic animals will be delighted to know of the Araglin Animal Sanctuary just over the hill in Araglin.

At the Sanctuary you’ll find a range of animals such as boars, wolves, raccoons, llamas and a range of birds. There is also a selection of domesticated animals such as dogs, chickens, sheep and pigs. The animals range in age from the very young to adult. It is a great spot to bring young children in particular, who generally have a great affinity with animals.

One thing to be aware of with the Animal Sanctuary is that it is not always open to the public, only on certain open days, so you should keep an eye on their Facebook page or contact them in advance on 087 988 1737 to find out when the next open day is being run. They are normally open on Bank Holiday Mondays.

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Getting There

The easiest way to get to Araglin from Clogheen is to go into Ballyporeen and turn left, following the road all the way to Araglin. If you fancy a bit of a ‘tourist route’, i.e. the road isn’t great, then you could turn left at Shanrahan Crossroads when leaving Clogheen and follow the road all the way to Araglin.

The Sanctuary is located between the Church and the School in Araglin village.