Jeremiah Ryan’s Farmhouse Bar, Graigue, Clogheen

If you’ve ever been to Clogheen you will probably have heard mention of ‘Graigue’, which is actually a townsland in Ballylooby, right on the border with Ballybacon, on the road from Clogheen to Goatenbridge and Newcastle. What most people are actually referring to is the picturesque old style ‘thatch’ pub known as Jeremiah Ryan’s Bar.

It is a real throwback to rural bars as they used to be in Ireland, based entirely around the craic and conversation in what is essentially the ‘kitchen’ of the house. If you hit it on the right night you might also be treated to a musical ‘seissiún’ in the ‘sitting room’.

On a fine summer’s evening there’s plenty of space outside to sit and have a drink and there is ample room for kids to play in the old farmyard.

The bar has been in the Ryan family since its genesis some generations ago but, for a few years was run by John and Eimear Murphy. It is now being run by the Kenneally family of Graigue. If you want to make contact you can call 086 341 1759.

If you are in the environs of Clogheen the bar at Graigue is a must see.

Click here for some photos of the bar.