Feb 192012

Summerhill Walk, Clogheen, Co. TipperarySummerhill Walk

This is a nice easy walk from Clogheen (you can park close to St. Paul’s Community Centre). It goes out the Clonmel road a short distance and around the picturesque area of Summerhill from there.

It is 7.13 Km in length (if you do it from Clogheen, you can also just do the loop at Summerhill which will shorten it to about 3Km, but it is difficult to find parking).

The picture is taken at the highest point of the walk, so you can see that it doesn’t entail any huge climbs. There is a slight incline to the summit but all but it is a gentle climb that even beginners will be able to take in their stride.

You can find the walk in full here on the ViewRanger Website, from where you can download it to your phone to take with you as a guide on your walk.

Summerhill Map, Clogheen

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