Jul 032012

The Vee Features in Munster Express

The Vee, Bay Lough and the general area around Clogheen features in this week’s, July 6th 2012, edition of the Munster Express. The Munster Express is one of Waterford’s leading regional newspapers. See below for a PDF of the article.

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Jun 102012

s-june-9th-2012/bay-lough-path/" rel="attachment wp-att-3144">Rhododendron Blooms at Bay LoughVee Rhododendrons June 9th 2012

There comes at least one day each year when the Rhododendron plants around Baylough and Loughglenbridge look their very best. It was a long time coming this year but that day (morning really in fact) did arrive. This was not a classic year for blooms unfortunately, as the cold weather at the start of May delayed them and then a remarkably wet end of May and beginning of June has meant that a lot of the blooms have been knocked off the plants earlier than would normally occur.

As you can see from the photos below, however, the place was still a sight to behold on Saturday last, June 9th. Bay Lough will still have a good show for a week or so but Loughglenbridge has reached peak bloom and will be on the wane from here onwards so if you want to see the area in full bloom you’d better do it sooner rather than later.

Jun 042012

Blooms on WaterRhododendrons at the Vee – June 4th 2012

The June Bank Holiday Weekend just passed should be the busiest time of the year at Loughglenbridge, The Vee and Bay Lough, but the weather on Friday to Sunday was truly awful. It rained buckets for most of the weekend, so most visitors were deterred from their visit to the home of the Rhododendron.

Things picked up a bit today, Monday, but the area was very overcast all day so, although the Rhododendron plants at Loughglenbridge are as close to full bloom as makes no difference, it wasn’t the ideal day for viewing or photographing them. That said, as you’ll see from the photos below, there were still plenty of people around taking in the sight that is a valley full of blooming Rhododendrons.

Bay Lough, as always a bit slower than the Loughglenbridge area below it, is still about a week from full bloom so hopefully the weather during the week will be more conducive to viewing them.

May 292012

Rhododendron at Bay LoughRhododendron Watch – May 29th 2012

As pointed out in a previous post the Rhododendron plants have been remarkably slow to bloom at The Vee, Bay Lough and Loughglenbridge this year, due to early May being quite cold.

The good news is that the weather has now improved considerably and blooms are well on their way. Even in the few days since our last post there are appreciably more blooms on show, although Bay Lough is still probably a week or more from full bloom. Because the area around Loughglenbridge is a lot less exposed than around the lake at Bay Lough, full bloom is inclined to be a bit earlier. Full bloom at Loughglenbridge will probably be fairly close on the upcoming Bank Holiday Weekend (June 2nd to 4th) whereas at Bay Lough you are probably looking at a further week to 10 days before the true full on beauty of a full bloom around the lake will be evident.

In any case, there are plenty of blooms for pictures at the moment so if you visit any time in the next couple of weeks you’ll have plenty of camera fodder. See some of today’s photos below:




May 262012

Rhododendron at The VeeRhododendron Watch – May 26th 2012

The Rhododendron have been remarkably slow to bloom at the Vee, Bay Lough and Loughglenbridge this year, due to the very cold early May we’ve had. The weather has now improved considerably, with a few days lovely sunshine, so blooms are starting to appear. If you visit the area expecting a sea of Rhododendron blooms you’ll be a bit disappointed, they are not quite in full bloom yet, but should be so in about a week to ten days, presuming the weather stays warm. Keep an eye on this link for Rhododendron Updates on the site, there should be one or two more before the season is out.

In any case, we took a bit of a walk from Loughglenbridge to Bay Lough this morning and then across the ridge behind Bay Lough. It was a truly spectacular morning for this walk (you’ll find plenty of walks incorporating this area in our Walks section).

Here are some photos we took this morning:


May 172012

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Mar 302012

Views from Bay Lough Walk in Tipperary

Some of the many walks around Clogheen in Tipperary, including those taking in the scenic Bay Lough, are among the most popular in the county.

If you ever fancy taking a walk in the Bay Lough locale, as many people do, here is a selection of views that you might expect to see along the way. This particular day was a little hazy, but other than that it was absolutely perfect for a walk in Tipperary to see one its favourite sites.

If you’re looking for some of the actual walks so you can see the views for yourself there is one here from Kilballyboy Wood and another here from Mount Anglesby.

Mar 292012

Mount Anglesby to Bay Lough Walk

Mount Anglesby to Bay Lough Walk – Tipperary Walks

This is a lovely 8.63 km route which is, essentially, done in reverse to the Kilballyboy Wood to Bay Lough route you’ll find here. This is an easier route if you don’t fancy the climb on the other route.

There are a few differences. This one starts at Mount Anglesby, a little further down the road from Kilballyboy Wood, where the other route starts. It also continues out the track at the back of the highest viewing point at Bay Lough, bringing you along the ridge to some incredible views of the valley (see video at the bottom of this post). You need fine weather for these views – best taken in with evening sun, which is a bit of a pity as the best views of Bay Lough in sunshine are in the earlier part of the day, particularly when the sun is low in the sky.

Having visited Bay Lough this route takes you down to Loughglenbridge, across the bridge, down the opposite side of the glen, crossing back on a wooden bridge into Kilballyboy Wood. It differs slightly from the other route here as well as the route back to Kilballyboy Wood is shorter and more direct. From the glen you cross the main road, through a very small portion of forest back to the track for Mount Anglesby.

The two routes can be mixed and matched to lengthen or shorten the route and get the walk that suits you best.

This route takes about 2 hours, depending on your fitness levels. If you are not very fit this route is easier than the Kilballyboy route which involves a decent climb at Loughglenbridge. It is, however, best done in fine weather as several parts of the route are difficult in wet conditions, particularly the ridge at the back of Bay Lough.

You can find the walk on ViewRanger here, where you can download it for free to a smartphone to guide you along the route.

Here is a very brief video clip of the views at the highest point of this track:

YouTube Preview Image

Mar 272012
Graigue Walk – Sunday April 1st 2012

There is a slight change to next Sunday’s walk with the Knockmealdown Walking Club. It was originally to be to Bay Lough in Clogheen, but we’ve decided to hold this over until the Rhododendrons start to flower, so we’ll be taking a walk into the foothills of the Knockmealdowns at Graigue with meeting at St. Paul’s Community Centre in Clogheen at 10am on Sunday April 1st.

If you wish to join us please contact Jim O’Brien on 087 249 0089 in case there are any (further) late changes to the itinerary, which can happen for a variety of reasons. Jim will text all interested on Saturday evening with full details of the event, meeting place, etc.

We’re normally back at base by 12.30, just in time for lunch and all the walks are comfortable for average walkers wearing runners.

For details of some of our previous excursions check out this link.

All are welcome and there is no charge to attend.

This lovely walk around Gortacullen Wood and on to the Kildanogue Duck Ponds has now been uploaded to the site, you can view it here.

Aug 032011

Photos of Grubb’s Monument – July 2011

Here are some photos taken of, and from, Samuel Grubb’s Monument on a beautiful July morning in 2011.