Jun 062013

Rhododendron Blooms at the Vee

As the name of the post suggests, this post is about the Rhododendron Blooms at the Vee. Blooming times this year (2013) around Loughglenbridge and Baylough have been considerably delayed due to very cold weather in Spring and early summer.

The blooms are now, as of Wednesday June 5th, starting to show. The weather for the past few days has been absolutely gorgeous, which has meant an explosion of colour all along the Knockmealdown Mountains. The forecast for the coming weekend is quite good, so it may be a good time to see them. If the weather remains fine, however, the weekend of June 15th/16th may be the best time to view them. It is weather dependent though, if we get a lot of cold and rain next week this weekend may turn out to be the best viewing time.

Here are just a few photos of how the area currently looks, keep an eye on our Facebook Page for further updates. If you’re looking for a walk to take in an array of blooming Rhododendron plants then we can highly recommend this one which takes in both Baylough and Loughglenbridge via an alternative to the traditional loop walk.






Rhododendron Blooms at the Vee

Jun 032013

Mount Anglesby to Baylough Alternative Route

Mount Anglesby to Bay Lough Alte
rnative Loop Walk

There are quite a few Mount Anglesby to Bay Lough Alternative Loop Walks, Baylough is such an attraction it seems a pity to leave it out of any walk in the area, but we particularly like this 7.3km alternative loop. Mount Anglesby is the area directly out the Cappoquin/Lismore road from Clogheen, the parking area for this walk is on the right hand side at the top of the straight stretch above the Hospital and School which leads into a number of forest trails.

Instead of taking the route directly to Baylough from Mount Anglesby, turn off to the right following forestry tracks and stream beds to the open mountain on the Tipperary side of Baylough lake.

Taking this route you will emerge at the topmost viewing area in Baylough from where you can walk down to the  more traditional route back to Mount Anglesby. The views across the Galty Vee Valley from the ridge behind Baylough are some of the best you’ll find – simply breathtaking.

Just be aware that parts of this track are quite wet so it is best avoided in wet weather and you will certainly need proper walking boots, runners won’t get you through it.

You can download the route for free here from ViewRanger and use your mobile phone to guide you along the walk. You can do this walk in reverse if you wish, just bear in mind that the track back down the mountain to the Mount Anglesby road is just a stream bed and can be difficult to find, so it is advisable to bring the route on a phone if you are doing it in this direction.

Bring proper walking boots, rain gear, a drink, snack and a fully charged mobile phone.

For a range of other walks in the area just take a look through the Walk Posts or view the Walks page.

Vee Valley from Ridge

Feb 112013


Knockmealdown Crossing 2013

There is nothing quite as highly anticipated in Knockmealdown Mountain events as the Knockmealdown Crossing 2013, an annual event hosted by the Clonmel based Peaks Mountaineering Club. It will take place on Saturday April 20th 2013.

Registration is at the Glenview Lounge in Goatenbridge at the following times:

  • ‘A’ Walk – 29.5km – 7:00 am 7:30 am – walk will take 7 – 9 hours – self-navigating, for seasoned walkers only.
  • ‘B’ Walk – 17km – 8:00 am 9:00 am – walk will take 7 hours approx. – lead walk, but requires walking experience.
  • ‘C’ Walk  – 13km -10:00 am 11:00 am – walk will take 5 hours approx. – lead walk, requires a good level of fitness.
  • Family Walk – 6.7km – 11am – New this year – walk will take about 2 hours – easy walk from Vee to Glenview Lounge via forest paths.

*Walking Boots essential for all walks.

Full details below:

Download (PDF, 218KB)

Jan 152013

Ray D'Arcy Show 'I can't believe you've never stayed here for a night away....'

Ray D’Arcy’s ‘I Can’t Believe You’ve Never Stayed Here For a Night Away …’

On Friday January 11th 2013 the very popular Today FM Ray D’Arcy Radio Show asked its listeners to suggest a list of places which fulfilled the statement ‘I can’t believe you’ve never stayed here for a night away….’. 

Everybody in this area knows we’ve got a lot to offer in this department and, no surprise, the Old Convent, on the road to the Vee, was duly unveiled as one of the top 10 places suggested by the show’s listeners. Those of us who have visited Dermot and Christine at their wonderful premises, which is literally the former Clogheen Convent building and grounds, will concur completely with the consensus. The only question is why was it not listed higher? The show has obviously not visited itself, so we suggest that they do and the resultant listing would be a lot higher.

In any case the full list of places voted as those ‘I can’t believe you’ve never stayed here for a night away….’ are as follows:


On Friday, our Ten at Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten was ‘I can’t believe you’ve never stayed here for a night away….‘ These are the top 10 from your suggestions!

1.  Cliff House Hotel –  a small luxury five-star hotel in Ardmore co Waterford –  with 39 rooms

2.  Farnham – 4 Star Luxury Spa and Golf Resort in Cavan.

3.  Monart –  The 5 Star Monart Spa – recently named in the Top 3 Spa Resorts in the world by Conde Nast Traveller.

4. 12 hotel – The Twelve Hotel is , located in Galway’s seaside resort of Barna, Galway city.

5.  Gougane Barra – a hotel based in the scenic lake and valley region of county cork

6. Kellys – a resort and spa in rosslare county Wexford

7.  Cottages for Couples Skibereen – luxury cottages in West Cork, a self-catering gem, accommodation offering four-star hotel standards – for a short break or long stay – just for two.

8.  Mustard seed – in Ballingarry, Co. Limerick dining and accommodation.

9.  Strandhill lodge and suites in Sligo – overlooking the village of Strandhill, The Atlantic Ocean and Strandhill Golf Course.

10. We’ve a few B&B’s and rentals that were recommended – included were Pax B&B Dingle/the Old Convent in Clogheen/ and Ahakista escapes.

Aug 162012

Cyclists at the Vee, Clogheen

New Clogheen Cycling Club

Anyone living in and around the village of Clogheen can’t but have noticed how much cycling activity there is around the area these days. It is wonderful to see, giving a great sense of life and vibrancy to the area at a time when it is much needed.

Anyone in the environs interested in forming a cycling club please attend a meeting in The Hermitage House, Clogheen on Monday August 20th at 8pm.

All are welcome.

Jul 032012

The Vee Features in Munster Express

The Vee, Bay Lough and the general area around Clogheen features in this week’s, July 6th 2012, edition of the Munster Express. The Munster Express is one of Waterford’s leading regional newspapers. See below for a PDF of the article.

Download (PDF, 202KB)

Jun 102012

Rhododendron Blooms at Bay LoughVee Rhododendrons June 9th 2012

There comes at least one day each year when the Rhododendron plants around Baylough and Loughglenbridge look their very best. It was a long time coming this year but that day (morning really in fact) did arrive. This was not a classic year for blooms unfortunately, as the cold weather at the start of May delayed them and then a remarkably wet end of May and beginning of June has meant that a lot of the blooms have been knocked off the plants earlier than would normally occur.

As you can see from the photos below, however, the place was still a sight to behold on Saturday last, June 9th. Bay Lough will still have a good show for a week or so but Loughglenbridge has reached peak bloom and will be on the wane from here onwards so if you want to see the area in full bloom you’d better do it sooner rather than later.

Jun 042012

Blooms on WaterRhododendrons at the Vee – June 4th 2012

The June Bank Holiday Weekend just passed should be the busiest time of the year at Loughglenbridge, The Vee and Bay Lough, but the weather on Friday to Sunday was truly awful. It rained buckets for most of the weekend, so most visitors were deterred from their visit to the home of the Rhododendron.

Things picked up a bit today, Monday, but the area was very overcast all day so, although the Rhododendron plants at Loughglenbridge are as close to full bloom as makes no difference, it wasn’t the ideal day for viewing or photographing them. That said, as you’ll see from the photos below, there were still plenty of people around taking in the sight that is a valley full of blooming Rhododendrons.

Bay Lough, as always a bit slower than the Loughglenbridge area below it, is still about a week from full bloom so hopefully the weather during the week will be more conducive to viewing them.

May 292012

Rhododendron at Bay LoughRhododendron Watch – May 29th 2012

As pointed out in a previous post the Rhododendron plants have been remarkably slow to bloom at The Vee, Bay Lough and Loughglenbridge this year, due to early May being quite cold.

The good news is that the weather has now improved considerably and blooms are well on their way. Even in the few days since our last post there are appreciably more blooms on show, although Bay Lough is still probably a week or more from full bloom. Because the area around Loughglenbridge is a lot less exposed than around the lake at Bay Lough, full bloom is inclined to be a bit earlier. Full bloom at Loughglenbridge will probably be fairly close on the upcoming Bank Holiday Weekend (June 2nd to 4th) whereas at Bay Lough you are probably looking at a further week to 10 days before the true full on beauty of a full bloom around the lake will be evident.

In any case, there are plenty of blooms for pictures at the moment so if you visit any time in the next couple of weeks you’ll have plenty of camera fodder. See some of today’s photos below:




May 262012

Rhododendron at The VeeRhododendron Watch – May 26th 2012

The Rhododendron have been remarkably slow to bloom at the Vee, Bay Lough and Loughglenbridge this year, due to the very cold early May we’ve had. The weather has now improved considerably, with a few days lovely sunshine, so blooms are starting to appear. If you visit the area expecting a sea of Rhododendron blooms you’ll be a bit disappointed, they are not quite in full bloom yet, but should be so in about a week to ten days, presuming the weather stays warm. Keep an eye on this link for Rhododendron Updates on the site, there should be one or two more before the season is out.

In any case, we took a bit of a walk from Loughglenbridge to Bay Lough this morning and then across the ridge behind Bay Lough. It was a truly spectacular morning for this walk (you’ll find plenty of walks incorporating this area in our Walks section).

Here are some photos we took this morning: