Jun 042015

Family Walk – June 7th

St. Pauls Community Centre will host a Community walk on June 7th 2015. All participants are welcome. This walk was originally meant to take place on June 1st but weather conditions were very poor so it was re-scheduled.

Walkers will meet at St. Paul’s community hall at 5.30pm, taking a bus to Bay Lough and then taking the return walk on picturesque forest paths to Clogheen.

This is a free event there is no charge.

Light refreshments will be served in St. Paul’s Community Centre afterwards.

Please bring walking shoes and wet gear in case of rain.

May 112015

Family Walk – June 1st

St. Pauls Community Centre will host a Community walk on the 1st of June 2015. All participants are welcome.

Walkers will meet at St. Paul’s community hall, taking a bus to the Vee and then taking the return walk on picturesque forest paths to Clogheen.

This is a free event there is no charge.

Light refreshments will be served in St. Paul’s Community Centre aft


Jun 152013

Baylough Rhododendron Loop Walk

Ever wondered what is the best route to take to view the Rhododendron when in full bloom around Baylough and Loughglenbridge? Well this walk is certainly a contender for the crown. It is simply stunningly beautiful, any time of the year, but most especially when the Rhodendron is blooming.

Baylough Rhododendron Loop Walk – Route

This walk departs from Mount Anglesby, parking your car at the top of the straight above the Hospital and school on the right hand side.

The walk takes an alternative scenic route to Baylough, turning right along the traditional track and walking the ridge to the north of Baylough, arriving to the lake from the highest viewing point giving stunning views. The ridge before Baylough gives the best views you will get of the valley toward Clonmel, Slievenamon, Cahir, Cashel and the Galtees.

From Baylough the route takes you back down to Loughglenbridge, across the bridge, then down the far side of the glen. There is a waymark along the way that will tell you to go straight ahead, but it is for a different walk, here you can go left, across the glen on a lovely little wooden bridge, then down the road and left in to Kilballyboy Wood.

From here you cross the road, walk back up to the road from Mount Anglesby to Baylough and then back this route to your car at Mount Anglesby.

It’s a beautiful 8.5km walk at any time of the year but if you want to see the true beauty of the flowering Rhododendrons from mid-May to mid-June this is most certainly the walk to take. Simply stunning.

Bring walking boots (you will not be able to do parts of this in runners as it can be quite wet on the climb off the normal track), a drink, shower proof jacket and a fully charged mobile phone.

It is not advisable to take this route after heavy rain or when there has been a lot of recent bad weather as parts of it use stream beds to climb the path.

Baylough Rhododendron Loop Walk – On Your Phone

You can find the full walk on ViewRanger here, so you can download it to your phone for free and let it guide you along the route. Here’s  map of the route to let you know what it entails. Underneath you’ll find some photos from this loop walk during full bloom in fine weather.

Baylough Rhododendron Loop Walk

Some Photos taken on this walk during full bloom:


View of Clogheen with Galtee Mountains in the background.


View to Galtee Mountains with Gorse and Rhododendron


This is where you emerge to Baylough – never fails to impress.


View across the valley with a full show of Rhododenron blooms.


The annual spectacular show of blooms at Loughglenbridge, just below the Vee and Baylough.


Blooms at Loughglenbridge from higher up the mountain.


Picture of Blooms taken from the bridge crossing the glen below Loughglenbridge, the dent in the mountain is Baylough.

Jun 032013

Mount Anglesby to Baylough Alternative Route

Mount Anglesby to Bay Lough Alternative Loop Walk

There are quite a few Mount Anglesby to Bay Lough Alternative Loop Walks, Baylough is such an attraction it seems a pity to leave it out of any walk in the area, but we particularly like this 7.3km alternative loop. Mount Anglesby is the area directly out the Cappoquin/Lismore road from Clogheen, the parking area for this walk is on the right hand side at the top of the straight stretch above the Hospital and School which leads into a number of forest trails.

Instead of taking the route directly to Baylough from Mount Anglesby, turn off to the right following forestry tracks and stream beds to the open mountain on the Tipperary side of Baylough lake.

Taking this route you will emerge at the topmost viewing area in Baylough from where you can walk down to the  more traditional route back to Mount Anglesby. The views across the Galty Vee Valley from the ridge behind Baylough are some of the best you’ll find – simply breathtaking.

Just be aware that parts of this track are quite wet so it is best avoided in wet weather and you will certainly need proper walking boots, runners won’t get you through it.

You can download the route for free here from ViewRanger and use your mobile phone to guide you along the walk. You can do this walk in reverse if you wish, just bear in mind that the track back down the mountain to the Mount Anglesby road is just a stream bed and can be difficult to find, so it is advisable to bring the route on a phone if you are doing it in this direction.

Bring proper walking boots, rain gear, a drink, snack and a fully charged mobile phone.

For a range of other walks in the area just take a look through the Walk Posts or view the Walks page.

Vee Valley from Ridge

Sep 202012

Concern Fundraising Walk – October 7th

Five people from Limerick will travel to Uganda this November with Concern. In order to raise funds and highlight the work undertaken by Concern they are organising a walk up Keeper Hill, outside Limerick city, on Sunday October 7th, 2012.

The organisers are hoping to get at least 100 people involved in the walk so they are looking for walkers and members of walking clubs around the region to join them. It will be an opportunity to see some other Munster walks in mountain ranges outside of the Knockmealdowns, Comeraghs and Galtees, which are the closest to us here in Clogheen.

It should be great day out, as all outings organised in the past have been. The organisers would also appreciate any help on the day with guiding walkers.

If you would like to take part please contact Joanna Clifford on 087 945 8850 as the club will be organising food after the event so it will need to have an idea of numbers becoming involved.

May 262012

Glengarra Woods Walk – Knockmealdown Walking Club

On Thursday evening, May 24th, the Knockmealdown Walking Club paid a visit to our neighbouring Galtee Mountains for a beautiful trek around Glengarra Woods, just outside Burncourt. The weather was spectacular for the 9Km walk, kindly led by Jim O’Brien.

Walks for the summer will be at 7pm on Thursday evenings. If you want to get involved just give Jim O’Brien a buzz on 087 628 1100.

We’ll put a map of the walk on View Ranger shortly. In the interim here are a few photos of the evening’s activities:


May 192012

Patrician Cross 50th Anniversary Walk to Galtymore

A walk is being organised on Saturday June 9th to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the placing of the Patrician Year Cross on Galtymore.

A plaque to commemorate this 50th Anniversary will be unveiled at 1.30pm in Kingsyard with the walk starting at 2pm from Kingsyard to Galtymore. There will be a BBQ on return (catering by ECO Bus Café) and music provided by Ballyduff Comhaltas from 7.00pm.

The organisers would be grateful if those interested would log their interest in attending the event so the appropriate catering can be arranged. You can log your interest by calling one of the numbers below or by posting a comment on the Kingsyard website.

All proceeds will be donated to two very fine charities, the South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association (SEMRA) and Bru Columbanus, an independent charity that provides ‘home from home’ accommodation for relatives of seriously ill patients in any of the Cork Hospitals and the Hospice. Entrance is €5 with children free.

For those who don’t know where Kingsyard is, you’ll find it on Knocknagalty, to the left up the mountain just outside Kilbehenny on the Cahir Road. It will be well signposted on the day.

Enquiries to:

025 84903087 6573276 or 086 1945585.

Patrician Cross 50th Anniversary Walk

May 122012

Liam Lynch MonumentLiam Lynch Monument, Goatenbridge

This memorial to General Liam Lynch (Liam ui Loinsigh) of the anti-treaty forces, was erected in the Knockmealdown Mountains outside Goatenbridge in 1935 in the form of a round tower. It was designed by Denis Doyle of Clonmel, based on a typical Irish round tower, frequently associated with ancient Celtic monastic settlements.

The imposing 50ft tall tower is surrounded by four bronze wolfhounds, cast by Albert Power, set on limestone slabs at each of the four cardinal directions. A square carved limestone plaque was inserted in 1973. The monument also contains a stone lectern and is accessed via two humpback bridges with sandstone parapet walls.Liam Lynch Anniversary Plaque

Lynch was commander of the First Southern Division of the anti-treaty forces. On April 9th 1923, Lynch and six comrades were corralled by two columns of free state fighters coming across the Knockmealdown Mountains. They began a retreat and had to traverse an open expanse of mountain exposing themselves to extensive gunfire.

Liam Lynch Monument WolfhoundsLynch was hit and instructed his comerades to proceed without him in order to protect the documents they were carrying. When the free state fighters reached him they called for an ambulance which took him to Clonmel where he died at 8.45pm.

Getting There:

While relatively well known in the area, the monument is terribly poorly signposted so finding it can be somewhat of a challenge. Hence we’ve put a map below and given Loc8 codes for it so you can drive there. Just be aware that there is a forestry entrance 3.5Km from the monument, if it is closed you’ll have a fairly stiff uphill walk on forest track.

You can walk to the monument from Goatenbridge village if you wish (10.6km round trip). Alternatively you can drive to the forestry entrance and walk from there (7Km round trip) or you can drive all the way to the monument if the forestry road is open.

Liam Lynch Monument

The monument is accessed via a right turn in the village of Goatenbridge, on the Newcastle road from Clogheen (first left turn outside Clogheen village on the Cappoquin/Lismore road). Once on this road keep going until you reach a T in the road with a sign for the Knockballiniry Loop Walk and a forestry entrance to the left. Take the forestry road to the left and follow the map below or download the Loc8 code (YWQ-55-XN9) for your SatNav. You can also download it here from ViewRanger, which will allow you to walk or drive to it using your smart phone as a SatNav.

The road quality isn’t wonderful as it is forestry track, but most cars will be able to handle it if driven slowly.

Liam Lynch Monument Walk Map

Apr 112012

Walk at Gorteeshal, Ballyporeen

Gorteeshal, Ballyporeen Walk – Knockmealdown Walking Club

Last Sunday’s walk took us into the Knockmealdown Mountains just outside Ballyporeen. It was a really nice 7.6km track taking in forest roads, some mountain tracks and a good stretch of tarmac road to finish the route. It also includes a little stretch from the Avondhu Way route.

Many thanks to Jim O’Brien for selecting the route and ensuring we all got back to base in one piece. If you would like to be updated on what walks are taking place and when just contact Jim on 087 628 1100.

If you want to view other walks in the area you can visit posts to walks taken by the Knockmealdown Walking Club or visit the Walks section of the site which contains links to other routes – www.clogheen.net/walks.

Note: There is no walk next Sunday (April 15th) as most of those in the Knockmealdown Walking Club will be taking part in the Knockmealdown Crossing being organised by the Peaks Mountaineering Club on Saturday April 14th.

You can find the Gorteeshal route on ViewRanger here, where you can download it to your Smartphone for free.

Here are a few photos from the morning’s walk, but not very many, as the weather wasn’t as good as we’ve been used to over the past 3 months.

Apr 032012

Gortacullen Wood and Kildanogue Duck Ponds

Gortacullen Wood and Kildanogue Duck Ponds Walk – Knockmealdown Walking Club

This is a lovely 13km trail, starting at the Sheep dipping tank across from Graigue Pub, travelling around Gortacullen Wood, climing the nearby hill, taking a track back down and then travelling on to the Kildanogue Duck Ponds via a forest track.

You’ll want to allow 2.5 to 3 hours for this one so you’ll probably need a bit of grub and will definitely need some drinks. Just after the climb down from the hill is an ideal area for this. It’s very advisable to bring boots. Some of the area around the Duck Ponds is very marshy, no matter what the time of year.

There are sheep around the fields at the start of the walk, so dogs should be kept on a leash for this portion of the walk at least.

You can also climb down to this route from the Vee, via the Tipperary Heritage Way, which can make access a bit easier if you’re that way inclined.

You can find the route on ViewRange to download to your phone here.

Here are a few photos from the days walking: