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Tipperary Cherry Picker

If you require a Tipperary Cherry Picker then you need look no further. Gordon Davey offers a professional Cherry Picker Service in the general South Tipperary, North Cork, East Limerick and West Waterford region.

Gordon is a fully trained and insured Cherry Picker operator and is available for a range of Cherry Picker services including:

  • Power Washing Roofs
  • Cleaning gutters, fascia & soffits, external walls, footpaths, driveways & patios.
  • External house painting.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Cleaning Agricultural buildings.
  • Tree & hedge pruning.

Essentially, any job that requires use of a Cherry Picker in the area can be facilitated.

For a no obligation quote please call Gordon on 086 172 5218.

Tipperary Cherry Picker Services

Tipperary Cherry Picker

Pine Nurseries Burncourt

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Jun 032013

Pine Nurseries Burncourt

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Pine Nurseries Burncourt

Looking for bedding plants, perennials and shrub hedging in South Tipperary? Well look no further. Pine Nurseries Burncourt, just off the old Mitchelstown Road from Cahir, provides a large selection of plants and shrubs.

Pine Nurseries Burncourt – About

Michael Caplice is a former Garden Manager at Powerscourt in Wicklow. He is now trading as Pine Nurseries just outside Burncourt Village. With a long history of garden management Michael is pleased to offer advice on Garden Design, restructuring and maintenance. Site visits can be arranged for a reasonable fee.

Pine Nurseries Burncourt – Opening Hours

Pine Nurseries are open daily from 9.30am to 5.30pm and on Sundays from 11.00am to 5.30pm.

Pine Nurseries Burncourt – Location

Pine Nurseries is located 10 minutes drive from Cahir, half a mile from Burncourt village and a half mile from the Old Cork to Dublin Road between Cahir and Mitchelstown (you can take Exit 11 or Exit 12 from the M8 motorway and follow the signs for Mitchelstown Cave. You’ll see Pine Nurseries on your right hand side as you drive into the village of Burncourt off the old main road). You’ll find it here on Google Maps.

Pine Nurseries Burncourt – Contact

Phone 052 746 7192 or Mobile 086 839 0151.

Pine Nurseries Burncourt

Nov 302012

OvenGlow Tipperary Oven Cleaning Service

Tipperary Oven Cleaning

If you’ve been struggling with a grimy oven, then cost effective Tipperary Oven Cleaning will certainly be of interest. This service will have your oven sparkling in no time, you’ll be very glad you called.


OvenGlow.com, based just outside Clonmel, will use only solvents and cleaners that are totally safe to use with food. You can safely cook in your oven immediately following cleaning.

If you would like to contact the principal, Brian Kelleher, about Tipperary Oven Cleaning you can do so on 085 750 6979 or email info@ovenglow.com. There is also a Contact Form if you wish to fill it out.

If you have a commercial food preparation operation you may also be interested in the Kleen Fry Mobile Micro-Filtering System for extending the life of your oil and fryers.

OvenGlow.com Oven Cleaning Services – Tipperary Oven Cleaning at its finest.

Jul 072012

Tipperary PlumberTipperary Plumber Available

For all your plumbing emergencies, boiler maintenance, leaky pipes, ice damaged pipes and radiators, unidentified leaks, faulty showers, dripping taps as well as full property installations. Solar Panel maintenance a speciality.

Call Liam on (087) 2549421 or (052) 7465547 or email keating4heating@eircom.net.


Jun 182012

Solar Panels in TipperaryTipperary Solar Panel Installation

Many of the cheap and cheerful products that are on the Irish market just don’t stand the test of time and are more expensive and less efficient in the long run. You need a flat panel design (as opposed to the tube system – see below) to stand the test of time and to work properly in Irish conditions.

Solar panels work by heating the water in your hot press using daylight (not heat from the sun oddly enough) and are a lot more effective in Ireland than you would imagine. The cost of heating water over a full 365 days can be very high indeed. Solar panels are a very efficient and environmentally friendly way of reducing this cost substantially.

The two systems on sale in Ireland are Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tube Collectors. Tube based systems have an average life span of about 7.5 years whereas flat plate collectors work for over for 20 years with no maintenance. The tube systems are popular because they are initially cheaper and more efficient at collecting heat. Unfortunately they are less efficient at transferring heat through the system meaning that, on hot days, they tend to overheat and shut down.

The picture accompanying this piece is not a brochure shot, it is a picture of the solar panels installed in our own house. You are more than welcome to come to our home in Tipperary to see the system in action. It has been installed for the past 2 years so can fully stand behind its performance over time. The system is installed by a company that does nothing else except install solar panel systems.

Give a call on the number above and we will be happy to facilitate a no pressure visit to see the system in action, in a real world environment. Alternatively you can drop an email to solar@clogheen.net.

The two prime areas of concern for Solar Panels are Efficiency and Durability.


Evacuated Tubes are sold as being “more efficient”but this is entirely to do with collection – not overall system efficiency. New and inexperienced installers often favour the evacuated tube collector on this basis, failing to realise that the system is very prone to over-heating on bright days.

As one stage of the heat transfer process is more efficient than the next, it generates heat quicker than it can dissipate it, which leads to over-heating. An overheating solar panel system goes into a state of stagnation, which causes the solar heat transfer fluid to turn to steam. The pump cannot pump steam, so the system shuts down until it cools down allowing the steam to condense back to a liquid. The vacuum within the system keeps the excess heat in the collector which prolongs the state of stagnation, as a thermos flask keeps coffee warm for hours.

A Flat Plate Collector by comparison does not have the vacuum insulation, so as and when it goes into stagnation it can allow the excess heat to radiate out, bringing the temperature down, condensing the steam and allowing the pump to switch on and produce more useful energy. This means that, overall, the Flat Plate system is, in fact, a lot more efficient.

On a nice bright day an evacuated tube system will spend a lot of the day shut down full of steam producing no usable energy whilst the flat plate system continues on working, harvesting considerably more energy over the day.


Most solar collectors are obviously roof mounted to access as much daylight as possible. This puts them in the most hostile environment possible as the roof is the most exposed part of any house. Solar systems are also very attractive to birds, who can cause a lot more damage than you’d expect. You wouldn’t accept having to replace your roof tiles every few years so you shouldn’t accept to having replace all or part or your solar collectors every few years either.

Evacuated tubes are inherently fragile in their construction and will inevitably break. A break in an Evacuated Tube only needs to be a hairline fracture (usually caused by a continuous cycle of heating and cooling) for the vacuum to be breached. The result of this fracture will be noticeable by the collection of condensation within the tube itself resulting in the white appearance of the previously dark blue tube.

The material cost of replacing a tube is not too bad, but the call out and labour fees make it hurt. With in excess of 20 tubes on an average installation,  the
replacement of tubes becomes a continuous and tedious chore. Without this vacuum to contend with Flat Plate Collectors do not suffer from the same problem and due to their solid construction, should last in excess of 20 years without any maintenance.

Mar 302012

Titanic Centenary Year Wall Plaque

Titanic Centenary Year Celebration Collectable Plaque

This collectable plaque is a genuine piece of Titanic memorabilia which can also be used as a wall plaque (it is pre-drilled for this purpose) is available at a cost of just €15 per plaque. The item is available through Hale Imports in Ballyporeen, Tipperary. Just click on the picture above for a larger version.

The plaques are also available for sale to wholesalers, please contact us for further information.

Contact 00353 (0)52 7467175 or email haleimports@gmail.com.


Mar 062012

Solid Fuel Stove Installation in Munster AreaSolid Fuel Stove Install – Munster Area

If you are looking for a perfect solid fuel stove installation then you are not alone. Oil prices are through the roof, and likely to keep rising, so the popularity of solid fuel stoves has skyrocketed in recent years. It is important, however, that your stove be fitted properly if you are to get maximum benefit from it.

You need a stove fitting technician who exhibits attention to detail to ensure a stove properly plumbed into your chimney, with brickwork to support it, and absolutely no mess left afterwards.

The picture included is a recently installed 6.4 Kw Waterford Stanley Oisin model solid fuel stove fitted properly into an existing fireplace.


This page is currently un-sponsored. If you would like to sponsor the page please contact us on info@clogheen.net referencing Solid Fuel Stove Installation.

Feb 062012

Second Hand Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop for saleSecond Hand Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop For Sale

Dell Inspiron 1300 with 13.4″ screen, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb HDD, Celeron M 1.6Ghz processor, with WiFi.

It’s a nice clean machine with a full clean install upgraded to XP Service Pack 3 with Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome. Anti-virus and office software installed.

6 month warranty included.

Price is €150.

For further information email info@clogheen.net, specifying Dell 1300 laptop in the subject line.

Jan 122012

Entrance Roadway to Farm Buildings - Clogheen Land to Let37 Acres to Let With CAP Maps for 2013

A farm with buildings on the outskirts of Clogheen is available to let for 2013. It is available with maps which will are viable for qualification for any reference year calculations in the case that the new CAP reforms choose to include 2013 as a reference year for the newest round of the policy, due to be rolled out from 2014 onward.

Any deal on this particular piece of land will be done by the end of January 2013, so if you are reading this piece after this time it will already have been taken.

If you are interested please call  or email info@clogheen.net for further details.