The Vee

The Vee Turn - July-2011 - Clogheen, Tipperary

The Vee, Clogheen, Tipperary.

The Vee – Clogheen, Tipperary

‘The Vee’ refers to a V-shaped turn on the road leading to a gap in the Knockmealdown mountains. The Vee itself is on the Sugar Loaf, but the pass from Tipperary to Waterford runs between Knockaunabulloga (on which you will find Bay Lough) and the Sugar Loaf.

The Vee is predominantly famous because of the breathtaking panoramic views afforded to travellers and sight seers going through the pass. The journey rises to about 2,000 feet (610m) above sea level above Bay Lough, and as it does so it gives wonderful views of a portion of the ‘Golden Vale’  between the Knockmealdown and Galtee Mountain Ranges.

On a clear day (or night) the Vee affords views along and across the valley to Clonmel, Cahir, Ardfinnan, Clogheen, Ballyporeen and even Cashel. You can also see the Galtee Mountains across the valley, the Comeragh Mountains along the valley and Slievenamon, behind Clonmel, quite clearly.

It is also famous as the resting place of Samuel Grubb, whose grave, known as Grubb’s Grave or Grubb’s Monument, stands looking across the Vee Valley, since his death in 1921.

The Vee Pass is very popular among cyclists as it affords one of the best climbs to be found in the south-east of Ireland. Cyclists from North Cork, Waterford and South Tipperary regularly take on the route from either the Waterford or Tipperary sides. It is a much shorter and steeper climb from the Tipperary side, while it is a long and far more gentle proposition from the Waterford side – either Lismore or Cappoquin.

Cyclists make their way around the Vee, Clogheen, Co. Tipperary.

This scenic mountain drive is also very popular with , motor-cyclists and touring traffic (particularly vintage rallies) due to the very spectacular views it offers. The drive will take you past Bay Lough, The Bothán and onward to Lismore and Cappoquin in county Waterford. The drive also takes you to the famous Mount Melleray Abbey, on the left before you come to Cappoquin, turn off the main road at the Cats Bar.

If walking is your thing, then the area around the Vee, Bay Lough, Loughglenbridge, Sugar Loaf Hill, Knockshanahullion and Gortacullen Wood (just under the Vee following the Tipperary Heritage Way sign) offer a multitude of choices no matter what type of road walking or mountain climbing you fancy. Take a look at our Walks section to give you an idea of some of your options.

Here you will find some photos of The Vee.

If you wish to travel to the Vee, then you will find it at the following Loc8 Code – YYR-77-PP9. See the map below if you’ve not got access.

Map of the Vee, Clogheen, Tipperary

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