Aug 222012

Coronation Walk – Cahir Castle to Swiss Cottage 

This is a lovely easy 4km walk to do if you are in the environs of Cahir, about 15 minutes from Clogheen. It is, by far, the most popular walk for people living in or visiting Cahir.

Go to the back of Cahir Castle Car Park and follow the path southwards (downriver) to the Swiss Cottage then returning by the same route. The tarmac route now runs about 1km past the Swiss Cottage so you can continue the walk on either side of the bank until you can walk no further if you wish. The walk is tarmac all the way and extremely flat. Unless it has been raining heavily you should be fine wearing runners. The tarmac can be a little bumpy in places, but apart from that it would also be fine as a walk to do with a child’s buggy.

The Swiss Cottage site was once part of the Butler-Charteris Estate; the family named the walk for the coronation of George IV in 1821, in whose inner circle they socialised.

This walk runs behind the GAA & Soccer pitches, along the back of Cahir Park Golf Club and then along the bank of the River Suir to the Swiss Cottage which is on the opposite bank of the river, crossed by a bridge at the cottage.

The walk is surrounded by native broadleaf woodland, planted from the 1790’s, including mature beech, oak, Spanish chestnut, sycamore, laurel, rhododendron and elder. The area contains quite a bit of wildlife. Swans, duck and cormorants are common, as well as red squirrel, pheasant and woodcock.

You will find the walk here on ViewRanger so you can download it to your phone if you wish. It is, however, a very straight walk so you won’t need a map to help you.

Cahir Coronation Walk Map

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