Oct 172012
Clogheen School Kids taking Rubbing at Shanrahan Cemetry

Liam Moore (left) looks on as classmates take a rubbing of a headstone at Shanrahan Cemetery.

Historic Graves Project, Shanrahan

At the moment there are some really exciting community archaeology projects taking place around Ireland. The Historic Graves Project in this area involves the training of local communities  to record historic gravestones at the old graveyards at Newcastle, Molough AbbeyShanrahan and Tubbrid.  The  training and mentoring for the project  is being provided by Historic Graves.  The group has  successfully completed similar projects  all over the country.

You can find an excellent article here, written by Louise Nugent on the activities in Shanrahan, where physical recording of the headstones and tombs took place in mid-October 2012. The photos included on this page were also taken by Louise.

Once all the data from the different graveyards has been collated and published it will be available on the Historic Graves website. The full Shanrahan records will also be available here on the Clogheen website and records for Tubrid, Newcastle and Molough Abbey will be available on the Knockmealdown Active website.

Shanrahan Gravestone Recording

Patsy McGrath, Michael Moroney and Michael Fennessey record a headstone in Shanrahan.

  One Response to “Historic Graves Project, Shanrahan”

  1. what a great project on the historic graves at SHANRAHAN CLOGHEEN, the first place i go to before i see any of my family is SHANRAHAN graveyard as all my loved ones are buried
    there so this place is very near and dear to my heart , you are all doing a great job.
    and thank you all eileen russell nee keating u.s.a.


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