Oct 142011

Jeremiah Ryan’s Farmhouse Bar, Graigue, Clogheen

Here are a few photos of Clogheen’s most famous old rural thatch pub, on the Goatenbridge/Newcastle Road.

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  1. I think the Farmhouse Bar is still owned by the Ryans (and has been since the cottage was built), but is leased at present by this lovely couple.

    • It is indeed Pat, and I’ve amended the original post accordingly (www.clogheen.net/graigue). Apologies to the Ryan’s for trying to take their bar from them.

      • The Ryan’s are such nice people that I’m sure you have been forgiven! Do you have any idea as to when the house was built? I know it has been occupied by a member of the Ryan family since it was built.

  2. Would love to see some photos of Duhill church, interior and exterior. Beautiful church.

  3. The piece of that you have on the bar is wonderful and well done. The picture that you have posted on your website. The one over the fire place with the painting of the bar. May I ask where could I get a copy of that.

    Kind Regards

  4. Hola, estuve en 2006 y 2007, de paso por el Graigue y tengo fotos que me gustaria enviar, como es posible ??….Saludos desde Sevilla-Spain………….MY LOVE IRELAND.

    • Loose Translation: Hello, I was in 2006 and 2007, passing through the Graigue and I have pictures I would like to send, as is possible? …. Greetings from Seville-Spain …………. MY LOVE IRELAND.

      Yes, you can certainly send on your photos to info@clogheen.net and we’ll be happy to put them on the site.

      • La Chica Rubia que esta en la Barra, es muy Guapa, pero cuando estuve allì, era una pareja de personas Mayores los que llevaban la Barra, tengo fotos con ella que ya las mandare….Saludos.

        • The bar was run by its owners Batt & Annette (nee Ryan) Sweeney when you were there. John & Eimear Murphy (lady in the photo) have been running the bar for the past few years.

  5. Great pub with atmosphere (the building and people alike!) and I do my best to visit since on every trip. Thanks!

  6. estaremos el dia 6 de octubre en la zona,¿hay actuaciones esa noche?queremos visitaros otra vez .gracias.

  7. When I come to visit will I get a free pint?

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