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Shanbally Castle Tea Rooms

Shanbally Castle Teahouse Front

Shanbally Castle Teahouse Front

Shanbally Castle Tea Rooms (also referred to as the Tea House or Summer House) is a building located some 200 metres from Shanbally Castle (Loc8 Code – Q26-83-Y92). The castle was demolished in the middle of the 20th century, but the Tea Rooms remain, although now just ruins, located at the top of an adjacent hill in a copse of trees across the field from the site of the ruins of the castle, which are still viewable.

The Tea Rooms are at the following Loc8 Code – Q25-19-VR5, which is, as you can see, not that far from where the castle was located.

Unfortunately the Tea Rooms building, which is the remains of a turret on top of a wooded hill, is on private lands and cannot be accessed without permission of the landowner.

Just along from the Tea House is the surrounds of Shanbally’s renowned walled garden. Unfortunately all that now remains is the wall and entrance, which is not in the best condition.

We don’t have a lot of historical information on the Tea Rooms so if you have such information we’d love to hear from you at info@clogheen.net (or using the comment form at the bottom of the page).

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  1. Very informative JP. You may have met my late dad Paddy Kenneally who gave a talk in Clogheen on the said same Castle a number of years ago. My Dad worked in the Castle during the emergency maintaining the generator.He had nothing but good to say about his time there and the two ladies who lived there.To this day there is still a picture of the castle on the sitting room wall of Shanbally castle.I visit Clogheen occasionally and may visit your tea rooms on my next visit.

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