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Samuel Grubb's Monument, Misty Morning, July 2011Grubb’s Monument, Clogheen, Tipperary

Samuel Grubb was buried on Sugarloaf Hill, in the Knockmealdown Mountains on September 10th 1921.

To this day a monument stands on the mountain in his honour. It is located at the following Loc8 Code – YYR-20-RN9 – as you can see from the map further down the page, it is very close to The Vee (within a few hundred meters or so). It is signposted just along from the Vee on the Waterford side. You’ll find some further pictures of the monument and its surrounds here (right click and open in a new tab if you wish to keep this page open as well).

As with many of the tourist attractions around Clogheen, such as Bay Lough, Shanrahan and The Vee, a visit to Samuel Grubb’s Grave, and the wonderful views across the Vee Valley achievable there, will cost you nothing more than the fuel to get there. It is, therefore, a wonderful area for a family day trip or longer holiday. Samuel Grubb's Monument Inscription

According to Samuel’s descendant, Nicholas, the burial took place on the Sugar Loaf partly because it was requested by the deceased. This request, however, was largely because the family had been removed from the Society of Friends (better known as the Quakers) in 1844 (11 years before Samuel was born) for engaging in ‘amusements or entertainments of a hurtful or injurious tendency’, more specifically for attending ‘Balls at which music and dancing form a chief part’ and which were forbidden by the rules of the Society. You can read a full transcript of the termination of their association with the Society here.

The image below is reproduced with kind permission of Nicholas and Barbara Grubb, who run the informative Vee website. They also run Dromana House, please do visit their websites.

Samuel Grubb Obituary from 1921

Map of Samuel Grubb’s Monument in relation to the Vee & Clogheen
Grubbs Monument, Clogheen, Tipperary

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  1. We made a visit there in 2001. Very nice area of Ireland. Hope to goack with my grandkids.

  2. A lovely Grave Site. Top of monument needs masonry repair to prolong the useful life and purpose of the structure . A lovely view on a sunny summer day.Thomas Glynn

  3. […] the top of the pass, there is a car park, and a monument to Samuel Grubb, who asked to be bured upright, so that he could gaze on the view, even in […]

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