Jun 062012

Photo of Clogheen Village from Loop WalkClogheen Loop Walk – Knockmealdown Active 

This is a new walk (officially given the status of a recognised national Loop Walk in 2011) which has been promoted by the recently formed Knockmealdown Active group.

The walk is way-marked (black posts with green markers) from where it leaves the main Lismore/Cappoquin road through the forestry roads above Clogheen, so it is relatively easy to navigate.

The walk is 5.1 miles long and should take about 1 hour 40 minutes for an average walker. There is somewhat of a climb at the start, some of it along the roadway, but nothing a regular walker would consider difficult.

The loop starts at St. Paul’s Community Centre, walking toward the Vee on the road past the Hospital, The Old Convent and the National School to the top of the straight in an area known as Mount Anglesby. On the left is the entrance to the Reigh Cemetery. Here the walk turns right onto the forestry path (the path straight ahead is a beautiful walk to Bay Lough as it is the old Cappoquin/Lismore road known as the Soldier’s Way, it is part of the Avondhu Way). From this point the loop is way-marked. The trail follows the forest roadway above Clogheen village, offering excellent views of the town (see picture) from a vantage point that many will not have seen before. It then drops down onto what is known locally as Heathfield, part of the Shanrahan loop walk, making its way by road and footpath back to St. Paul’s Community Centre (see map at bottom of page).

You can download the route to your smartphone, GPS or sat-nav for free here from ViewRanger.

Bring runners or good walking shoes/boots, rain gear, something to drink and a fully charged mobile phone.

For further information on Knockmealdown Active Walks as well as dates and times for upcoming walks contact Jim O’Brien 087 249 0089.


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